We Americans love our cars. And thanks to suburban sprawl and the lack of public transportation options, it is pretty difficult to get by without a car unless you live fairly close to work and all the amenities you find important. So most families own two cars. Some own even more. But eventually, you get to the point at which having an extra car is more hassle than it’s worth.

When Having an Extra Car Is More Hassle Than It's Worth

The typical couple has two cars because both work. Children come along and eventually grow up. Then it is another car to get a son or daughter to and from school. And if the child works, the third car saves mom or dad the hassle of having to cart junior to and from the job at odd hours.

As families grow, so does the number of cars in the driveway. But subsequent life changes may lead to the day when so many cars are not necessary. At that point, a good way to alleviate the hassle of having extra cars is to contact us. We offer cash for cars in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and throughout many other parts of California.

Keeping Insurance Up to Date

You can own a car for the rest of your life and never register or insure it. But the minute you slap plates on it, the car has to be insured. That is the law. This reality points us to the number one hassle of having extra cars you don’t need: keeping insurance up to date. Let your insurance lapse and you will have the state breathing down your neck.

You will be paying annual or semi-annual insurance payments for as long as you keep the extra car registered. You could take it off the road and stop paying insurance on it, but then what is the point of keeping the car in the driveway? An unused car only attracts trouble.

Something else to think about is your insurance bill itself. Why keep paying insurance on a car no one is driving? Reduce your insurance bill and put a little extra cash in your pocket by selling us your used car. We buy used cars in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, etc.

Keeping Up with Maintenance

Keeping your insurance going is just the start of the hassles associated with having an extra car. You also have to keep up with maintenance. Even a car that only gets driven once every couple of months has to be maintained. Otherwise, you can end up with lots of problems:

  • Dried out and cracked tires
  • Malfunctioning electronics
  • Poorly lubricated engine parts
  • Animal and environmental damage.

Fail to maintain an unused car and you may eventually find that it won’t even run. Then you cannot sell it. You will need to have a junk dealer come and haul it away on the back of a flat bed. That doesn’t make a lot of sense given the fact that you can sell your used car to us instead.

Keeping Away Thieves and Burglars

Moving on, the list of hassles associated with having an extra car only continue to grow. What’s next on the list? Keeping thieves and burglars away. A car sitting in your driveway unmoved for weeks on end is a magnet for ne’er-do-wells. If for no other reason, they may try to break in just to see if anything has been left inside.

All it takes is one break-in attempt to leave you dealing with the aftermath of a smashed windshield or a broken lock. Now, that car you barely use has to be repaired. It is more hassle you just don’t need. You can park the car in the garage to keep it away from curious criminals, but then you’ll have to leave another car outside. Why not just sell us the extra car instead?

It’s Just in the Way

Maybe none of the things previously mentioned in this post bother you. But what about space constraints? Do you find the extra car is just in the way? If you have limited parking capacity in your driveway, having an extra car immediately becomes a hassle.

Imagine you have a three-car driveway. Everything is fine when it’s just you, your spouse, and that extra car using the available parking spaces. But every time you have friends over, they have to park in the street. Even your overnight guests might be forced into the street, despite local ordinances against overnight street parking.

If you ever want to do anything in your driveway, like use it as a staging area for a home improvement project, that extra car is taking up valuable space. Now you need to move your other two cars to the street while you work. Most frustrating is the fact that the extra car isn’t doing. It is not being used by anyone. It is just in the way.

It’s Time to Get It Over With

Obviously, we don’t know why people hang on to extra cars for as long as they do. And quite frankly, it doesn’t matter to us that they do. We are only here to offer fast cash and a quick deal on any quality used car in Kern County, San Bernardino County, and elsewhere in California.

If you have an extra car that is just taking up space and causing more trouble than it’s worth, it is time to get it over with. Say your goodbyes and get your title ready. Then call Car Fast Cash. We will send someone out to take a look and quote you a price. If you are happy with that price, we will get the deal done.

Hanging on to extra cars that are not being used creates more hassle than they are worth. Unused cars still need to be maintained. Those that are registered still need to be insured. Then there are concerns about maintenance, burglary, and limited driveway space. From our point of view, the best way to eliminate the hassles is to sell it to us today!